✨Small Wonder ✨


Pregnant with child

Slight discomfort as the child pushes around for extra space & room

The small pitter pat of the heartbeat tells you what’s true

A little wonder to the world will soon escape through

During the months, just the movements alone has come to signify new life

The task of extra responsibility seems exciting and just right

You excitedly rejoice while looking through ultrasound pictures

These pictures indicate a hidden inside to now a silhouette formed figure

The wonder of “Is it a boy or a girl”

Captures your senses

Your imagination now ponders

“What will be the name?”

You have to draft one accordingly to show forth your expectations

A name that distinguishes and sets apart

A name formed from your beautiful and creative thoughts

A name to signify strength

A name that somehow captures this unique experience

A name bold, beautiful and tailored and set out just by you

A shared blessing

A unique and distinct creation

And to think

You have the honor of picking and tailoring the name to be

Inhale and exhale as you allow small wonder some room

So that your rib cage is not unnecessarily misused

You can’t even fathom how a seed has grown inside to sprout

Small wonder will soon display joy to your world

As a small wonder also known as a newborn child

Photo via Tracee Ellis Ross/Vintage Black Glamour  Pinterest Files


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