The Union of Love ❤


Life has been far from perfect
But he manages
Far from some of his hopes
But he is determined
Far from the fairy tale endings
But he is hopeful
Increased daily by just that of his faith
Long time walking
But yet here he remains
Smiles still embrace his daily lifestyle
Love constantly is in his forefront
His dreams and vision will soon come to the front
His actions are calculated with precise purpose and plan
A want of another to share and take his hand
To walk through life
In the direction of GOD
To model after Christ
Everyday of his life
To have an equal to match
Right by his side
That is the plan
And the reason and purpose for his outstretched hand
To accept and agree to HIS ultimate plan
Walking aligned together as a union of woman and man
Uniquely placed and set aside for GOD’S ultimate plan
“Will you join me?” He repeats with outstretched hands

The two protected and directed by GOD


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