The Blowing of The Fan


Well, this is rest season for me and nothing calms my mind like the cool breeze of a fan
It’s something about the noise
Especially once you tune out everything else going on around
The vibrations make a steady but echoing sound
Yet somehow after the tune out of your are actually somewhere else
Beach scene possibly
Surrounded by flowers and full bloom Lillies
New Orleans night staring through windows while it rain
No music or television playing
No social media or other distraction
No phones ringing
No needs to address in an emergency
Just quietness and the fan
You could even have projects that are soon due
But this stillness and quietness
Seems most needed for you
A break from everything
A quick little escape
A brief encounter as you zoom away while the fan zooms repetitive echos your way
It invites your mind & body to rest and stay

Today is a Rest Break


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