The Ugly Duckling


Certain childhood stories that I loved as a child came back into the scene. I was speaking with my cousin recently and he began to speak on “The Princess and The Pea!” I listened to his detailed analysis and understood his beautiful message drawn from that tale. I then explained to him how it was so rare for him to bring up a childhood story that I loved very much. I knew at that moment that I would then began researching all my childhood stories again.

Recently I visited “The Ugly Duckling.” This also was a childhood story that I loved. What I am now coming to the conclusion of is that we are drawn to the lessons we need to embody or learn from. I sat and thought to the small child that I was back then and reread this old story.

Could it be that the story- “The Ugly Duckling” would give me portrayal of how I would later feel or equate my life to?

One who would be misunderstood! One who would be branded as different! One who would be looked at as so odd that it leaves you feeling all alone in a big world.

There is no question today that the portrayal of “The Ugly Duckling” would very well become what I would think and feel growing up.

Awwww, sad right?! Well you must not have read the ending. In the ending it shares how the rejected, odd & different duckling would then go into seclusion. His seclusion would actually be his growing and beautifying season but of course he didn’t know that.
A time comes where he then sees beautiful swans nestled near the pond he was at during his long intermission from the world. He decides to become brave that day and goes over to initiate conversation. In his mind, his physical attributes was still the same. In his mind, he was still the ugly duckling but oh well…today he would speak and say a few things. As he spoke to the beautiful swans he then noticed their instant acceptance. They instantly took him in. They instantly gravitated to him. They instantly engaged back. He was instantly understood. Instantly appreciated. Instantly it was as if same met same.

This reaction shocked him afterall he was used to others picking him apart. He was used to being misunderstood. He was used to not being welcomed. He was used to being looked at as a strange one.

He then decided to take a glare of himself from the reflections from the pond. And wouldn’t you know it… He looked exactly like the beautiful swans drinking next to him.

Wow! How has the time changed. How significant had his seclusion developed him. Wow! He actually did belong! Just not in the locations that he previously thought. It was just that his feet didn’t belong in those previous lands so he couldn’t very well get comfortable.
Because Here was his home!

The Ugly Duckling Becomes A Beautiful and Magnificent Swan!


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