Yet Lose The Soul

What will it profit a man to lose his soul, yet gain the world?


We walk this life in pursuit of our own wills, never realizing HIS very will is directed for wellbeing and continued flourishment for our souls. We walk this life assuming to just have fun and do the things we desire. Never realizing that those are illusion traps. Traps to have us fall back. Traps to set us up. Traps that after the time has gone now we will be dead on earth. To gain the world and lose your soul!

A gaining of the world is quite simply the desires of the flesh. The desires and wants of things that causes death. The desires of things that we assume will elevate us to wholeness, happiness and ultimate peaceful success. Those pleasures will do nothing more but lead us to death. Yet, we don’t know!

What does it prosper a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul!

The soul- an often hidden indicator to that which brings us pure life, joy and pleasures from the 1st day of making.It’s hidden behind all the years of self, damage, entanglements and ills. Only ONE can truly pull back the covers to know and expose the real. He searches through for the once pure state of that being. And then quickly gets that being to desire the true and purposeful will- which in turn is actually HIS & our very own pure will for our lives. But some fight and resist because the illusion and false “will” has been so long faceted as real. Some ignore because through rebellion and pride the will doesn’t seem pleasurable or good for our lives. Illusions and lies have then began to make a mockery of you. But only because you sat around those surroundings too long to document it as real and truth. Once then exposed to blinding light, we then gain a sense of who we are through the night. And bang!!! Just like that…we think it impossible but dare to continue possibly out of curiosity or faith. It’s like “I never heard this before but somehow I really do like this way.”

It’s like .. “Are You that intune with my soul?” To know that indeed without all the other junk surrounding me that truly this is what I always desired and thought since the beginning. From the beginning to living life almost always leaves one blind, deaf, dead or just flesh. It’s like.. Once all the other impurities take a back seat then we can finally accept and see what YOU see.” The hidden but true us… Next to Blinding light. A Walk but never too close or ahead…the blinding light can only be gained by following the glare.

And we end with.. There is no profit worth the gaining of the soul! Because consequences, sorrow, pain, no rest, no clarity, no hope and death both inwardly and out is attached to that road.

Indeed we must return back to the HEALER & MAKER of our souls.


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