Those Who…


Those who go out weeping, carrying seeds to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them

– Psalm 126:6

Those who go out.. Who Leave from where they presently were. Leave hurtful environments. Those who leave lands not their own. Those who depart from all that brings them discomfort and harm. Those who leave from places that wrecks havoc on their soul and mind may possibly go out weeping.

Those who depart from those things may possibly depart in tears, sorrow and in pain. As they continue to depart and walk they realize then..that they only have seeds in hand. Those who depart and leave may very well be leaving with just their scattered battered heart or life in hand. Those who depart may very well have nothing in their own minds as that of value. Those who depart may only have bits and fragments of broken stories and small seeds of hope. Those who depart may not have much. Those that depart may just have a small handful of that which is just their lives. They may not have much..they may even have less than what they previously had & bought. They may even have small grains of their torn soul only within their possession now.

But as they depart they know to go to the only possibility of Hope! The only thing left untried. The only True MAKER and restorer of the past and of their lives.The only one who could blend the past and cause for their restoration and hope to last. They first departed…empty with just a few seeds to sow, that they then carry. In hope, they don’t know how change will happen but internally they just know.

Yet after much time since their beginning strides with just seeds in hand to carry, they arrive at a day where they return back to that same place where they departed.

Only this time..they return with gifts!!!

Gifts to give freely to others that they encounter on the road. Gifts of Joy! Gifts of Praise! Gifts of Victory! Gifts of sharing beautiful and wonderful testimonials! Gifts of Hope! Gifts of Peace! Gifts of Grace bestowed! Gifts of Love! Gifts of everlasting and loving presence! Gifts of Faith with encouraging words to write and say!

Gifts of joy that has no choice but to be released..but don’t think for a second that there was never a time that they 1st didn’t leave empty!

Psalms 126:6


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