The Princess and The Pea


The Princess and The Pea

Here is a story about a young man in hopes of finding a princess. A day came where a female traveler needed shelter for the night. While traveling she stumbled upon the home of the prince. She explained how she is from royalty. Just her clothes and such might possibly not have looked as such. In her guest room for the night, the prince had others test out to see the true quality of this said princess. Installed between the many soft mattresses was set one pea. This pea would greatly cause for any royal blood to sleep discontented. She went to her guest room and remained woke and discontented all through the night. She tossed and turned and couldn’t very well get comfortable in a place she set to rest her head. The next morning arrived and before she would continue on her travels, the prince wanted to have a conversation. He desired to know , how was her night in her guest room. Eager to find out if she indeed slept at peace or rather in turmoil. The princess then stated that she couldn’t get one hour of sleep. She said how she tossed and turned all through the night. She spoke about how everything seemed lovely, the soft mattresses, the room and such. It was just that despite what appeared to be comfortable, she still couldn’t sleep soundly. She couldn’t rest! She was not able to close her eyes in deep slumber and dream. Even her face looked haggard and tired as she explained her night in the guest room. The prince now hearing all of her words and noticing for himself her tired condition also then knew that indeed she was royalty. Indeed she could be his princess.

Such beautiful lessons we observe and learn from the littlest stories in life… The Princess and The Pea!

Ladies, if ever a time comes where you just cannot rest your eyes or find rest, remember you just may be royalty and you cannot sleep in mess. That small discomfort could very well be your sign that where you lie your head near or under is very well able to cause distress and tiredness. Royalty cannot find sleep for very long under those conditions.

The Princess and The Pea


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