Peace That Surpasses


Peace that surpasses all human understanding

HE will bestow a peace that cannot be understood. One that cannot be grasped. One that cannot be taken away by the world. A peace that grows and flows from that which is the heart. A peace that cannot be detailed. A peace that cannot be properly defined. One that only comes from the heart and then springs to the mind. A peace that surpasses all human understanding! I dare to say, even your own understanding.

We can all think back, calculate back and may can even detail a time in the here and now…but yet a peace overflows that cannot be set up to detail out how specifically. All you can understand to know is that yet you have it.

A Peace That Surpasses All Human Understanding!

It hasn’t sprung up from worldly outlooks or things. No new car, no new phone and no new home. No new outside interactions to have one draft… Well, there it is..that’s it!!

No a peace that HE freely gives. No respector of persons or some humanistic view of extra bestowed favor. Just a mind who keeps eyes focused on GOD! Just a mind and spirit to declare and know that they helpless. Just a humble soul who unleashes all ugly truths about self. Just a mind that understands that in GOD there is no time. Just a soul who quickly takes cover. Just a soul who now realizes and know that despite any weather, condition, status or the loss of many things… GOD is GOD ..whom we cannot accurately figure out but all and all HE Has HIS good pleasures. HE protects in all weathers. HE grows us up during all seasons. Even in conditions we rather not face… With hope in HIM those conditions will eventually be placed

Under our feet

And in HIM

is the final word and victory

A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

I dare to say…

Even Your Own!


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