Our Light



The sun will no more be your light by day, nor the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light and your GOD will be your glory!

– Isaiah 60:19

In life without GOD we all have let the sun beam glow dictate for us how to direct our day. We may even still be governed by that light but those who reach to press forward to know HIM, will not let that small light be our light in life. We wake, look outside and then judge or coordinate our day off of that light. If it’s a sunny and shiny day, dependent on how we perceive the morning that day, we then present to the world our expectancies and great hope for today. If indeed it has shown us a glimmer of cloudy skies, we then gravitate to that mood or mindset for the day.

Dependent on our mood or perception the moon could even decide our present feelings within. How wonderful that a day comes where those external visual highlights will no longer rule. A day comes where HIS light, HIS direction and HIS peace shall rule and supersede everything. How grand that the Light we follow can dictate our paths and plans perfectly. How wonderful that the sun shining gives us a sense of new life awakened but HIS light forever shines on us to give us grace, love, directions, peace and joy. HIS light gives us everlasting joy and peace inside. Qualities that the world didn’t give so they certainly can not take it away.

Rejoice! And Behold A New Day!


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