His Story-


Old Gary

Gary Herman is what we called him

Because every since he came around in his teenaged years, he always wore a smile

Always was energetic and easygoing like Pee-Wee Herman

So us being silly replaced his name

Now 40, the smile still stands

And people then changed his name to Smiley

But in the distance when you hear him speak

It gives another indication to his reality

He seemed stuck

Between trama and damage

Stuck between both worlds of the past and the present


As he then detailed for me the current news in the city


Holding onto his can of beer


Dragging up the sweet times but


Wow Gary, you remembered that!


House burned down

But he still comes around nightly

And sit on his old steps for hours


I suppose the house holds sentimental value but is he just..


You know if my brother was here

He would perform this and that..

I smiled..those memories was from  many years back

But after the smile… I then gave my full undivided attention

Maybe that’s what was missing

Just a few folks to listen

But soon dread, horror and sadness was all that he spoke

As he just replayed incidents that happened

Incidents that somehow his heart and mind was trapped in..


And I thought wow…to have a tortured heart this damaged and still be on the go

But I smiled as he must have sensed my comfortability level switch

He then tried to make it upbeat

But all I kept thinking

Was how all the time went away

And in a few days would mark his 40th birthday

But stuck!

Went to work everyday

Can’t deny you that or take that from you I said

Every since I known you

You got up everyday

And worked legally for your means

He brightened up as a star

Say it again Fees!

You work… Everyday I said

No matter what..that’s what I can definitely say

As I then smiled and few moments after the crowd caused him to fade away off into the night

But that was last night and this is today

But… The weight when you just want someone to see another life, healing, hope and another way

That weight seems heavy

It’s like you want them to experience another happy

One without the drinks

One without the burned memories

New life in Christ

But then you realize everybody might not realize that life

Not because they don’t want to reach new heights

But some other hinderance that’s blinded that light

Maybe to them.. This is all they will ever do, see and be

Just sitting by the old house

But Stuck!

Work everyday but not living

Just stuck!

No revelations or future expansion on plans given

No hope or vision

Just stuck

No new hope, no new plans

Just stuck!

Carrot dangle in the eye

So quite possibly it’s easy to believe the lie

Might he have to tackle extreme feats to break through?

I thought about that too

And look at me.. I can’t give up

Not until all that I run upon also knows the main exit out

Now who stuck on that plight & fight!? In Jesus Christ, there is life. But only I’m joyfully stuck!

– His Story


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