The Only Thing That Seperates One From Another


In This Life.. Everyone living will have troubles.

No man or woman is exempt

No such thing as more favor upon one then the other

No such thing as one better than the other

The only thing that seperates any human being from another

Will always be their actions!

It was action that seperated Ruth. Action that seperated Deborah too. Action that seperated the woman with the issue of blood. Action that made Rahab stand out. The person who gets labeled as a criminal.. It’s his action. The man who cuts hair as his occupation..he got seperated by his actions. Michael Jordan wasn’t some supreme being but it was his actions that seperated him to be seen. Shaq not the only tall giant in the land but by his actions.. You thought of him if you was a Lakers fan.

We can certaintly sit in the tunnel and watch the cars zoom by & even speculate on why

Or we can walk, keep our eyes on Christ & have faith while we escape

To finally do action today!

That’s the only thing that seperates any human being!

Just Actions


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