Young and Untainted 💃


Young and Untainted By The World

No heavy experiences to retell or mentally replay

Could it be, we could also be this free one day?

Yes, it is possible

Especially to the one who believes

Could it be, could it be…

That the things we have built up in our minds are only extra stuff to make us waste our times?

Could it be when we fall

That’s beauty and discovery of self through it all

Could it be, could it be…

The true thing to know and discover is self

And after mastery of self then comes the task of help to others

So why all the brawl and bitterness and all?

Why all the swords and folks hissing about ?

Why all the gossip and backbiting out?

What true value is discovered in that?

Have some simply forget how to love again?

You bet!

Because the world gave cuts that they couldn’t attack.

So they attack the ones who found freedom and LOVE on their long journey back

Live life loud and free

Just as GOD predestined you to be

Remember the child who once put on her own clothes of green pants and purple shirt?

She came down to her family proud of her victory

She defined to the world her inner beauty, freedom and peace

But once out in the world

It picked it apart

But what can we learn from that story while traveling about?

Be your beauty..your own kind of special..your own unique

Permission was granted before you could speak

But we often times forget when exposed through heat

Focus on self and love one another

And stop hating, dividing, gossiping and picking apart sisters and brothers

If you love your life

You won’t have time to inspect, pick apart or destroy anothers life

For that job is too big

We received simple directions

Love GOD, self and then value and love others as you would yourself

Three rules

All else is madness for you

– Love Life-


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