๐Ÿ‘‰Love Life ๐Ÿ‘ˆ


Love Every Moment of Your Story
It Is Your Handwritten Script In The World
Make Acceptance From The Past
Those Failed Mistakes & Fumbles Gives You Wisdom & Pearls
Smile, Love and Engage
The Moments Like Those Are The Most Valuable Things
Do A Few Things You Always Wanted To Do
Ride A Bike, Run Through The Rain At Night, Exhale Deeply While Tumbling Through A Daisy Field
Live Life & Enjoy It
It’s Been Given Today Just For You
Don’t Wait Until The Conditions Are Perfect
Don’t Wait To See If Others Will Join In
Your Life Is Your Beauty & Also Your Friend
Explore The World
Travel All About
Listen In To Older Conversations As You Walk About
There And Then… Look For Beauty
And Look Up Sometimes
You May Just Notice A Small Bird Flying About
As Your Eyes Follow His Movement
You Just Might See
A Bird Performing Timeless Silhouettes For The Whole World To See
As You Watch
It Keeps Circling Near You To Really Show You How To Live Life Free
The Performance Is So Grand
You Wonder Why Is It Not Valued & Noticed By Others Around
You Look In The Immediate Area To See If Anyone Near Has Also Put Their Kickstand Down To Observe


And No One Notices The Bird Dancing About Like You Do
So You Know That This Is Your Message For You!
Love Life.
Be Free.
Fly High.
Captivate The Mind By Souring Inside.
Love Life & Inhale & Exhale Beauty! Be Free



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