Fear Or Faith..What Will You Choose?


Whatever you choose it is the same directed energy for each use

You can choose faith or choose fear

You can choose worry or doubt

Or you can plant yourself close to healing words for your life

Positive results and destroy negative thinking

It’s a stage but once you have tasted both of those fruits

Rejection of less and negativity always gets the boot

You can choose negative words or words that lightens the air

You can choose to carry issues that weigh and press

Or you can choose for your sake to give it away

To let it rest in the BEST

who tailors and makes you forget all that mess

Who bestows enough love to cover every new & old wound

Just press forward even when you necessarily don’t even want to

Endure the process

Everyone has those

That’s not something that the world doesn’t know

No man or woman is exempt

From the pain and often times sufferings of life

No one man or woman is better than the other

Just some have learned lessons and grew to take cover

Learned there is peace in the midst

While swallowing faith

And to think it all starts with a choice that you freely make today

– Choose Faith !-


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