Childhood Memories #3 ❤


First Day At Camp

All ready To Go

New To The Scene

But Filled With Hope

Filled With Beautiful Expectations & Things

As Soon As You Walk In You Look Around To See If Anyone From The Neighborhood Has Also Joined In

You Quietly Eat Your Breakfast While Looking About

And Just When You Thought You Would Be The Only One

Guess Who Walks In

Mantua Camp Crew

Your Friends That You Knew From School

Along Also Walks In A Few Folks You Recognize

Sit Here You Eagerly Say

As Smiles Embrace Faces As They Walk Your Way

Soon Breakfast Time Comes To An End

Now You Have To Get Seperated From Friends

Your Class Was Catergorized By Grade and Age

The Horror of The Ordeal Carries Your Mind Away

“Who would you know?”

And “Where would you sit?”

And “Who would become your new friends?”

But Then While In Class You Discovered Everyone Present Was Also New

As You Looked Around Everyone Had The Same “What’s Going On” Look

Like You

You Sat Quietly In Your Chair

And The Teacher Then Engaged In Lessons That Made You React, Think & Even Had A Few That Was Fun

Soon Everyone Forgot The Day They Were The Small & New Little Ones

Everyone In Class Became Friends

As Breaktime Now Consisted of Running Around Til No End

Mom Came To Pick You Up At 3

And You Couldn’t Wait To Tell Her About Your Adventures & Story

#Childhood Memories Part3


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