Back To Love! 💫


Before we know it, life and time will pass by.

And we will have to bring account of our lives.

What will be asked and what would be required?

Quite simply.. It will be returning back to LOVE while living.

Returning back to an innocent place of purity.

Returning back to that which was from the beginning.

Have we used our gifts to bring others back too?

Have we indeed gone out to help?

Or have we wasted our energies on selfish matters within?

Have we casted all that evilness aside to value and love from pureness of state and mind?

Or have we devoted to running around still desiring the lesser fruit?

Still thinking It’s okay to abuse gifts, be corrupt, unforgiving and use.

Never helping or showing care and compassion to others

Simply existing in our own little limited dimensions

Still desiring to please self 1st

Traveling off and away from the origin of birth?

During if we choose this as our thing to do

We only pain and suffer ourselves and no one else while we are really supposed to be living through

These are the things I think will come up in relation to our lives.

What have you given to show the world to go back and gravitate to LOVE again!

Are you able to help all you encounter to reach towards LOVE yet again while your living life free?

Have we returned back to our Pure State of Living and Being!

Have we gone back to LOVE like that in the beginning?

These are the things I believe will be asked of you.

– Back to LOVE! ❤


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