The Story of Hagar


There once was a woman named Hagar

Who lived in a land and whose survival was dependant on both Sarai & Abram

One day she was told to perform marital relations with Sarai’s husband

She obliged because again her survival and dependance was on the line

Sometime later she then discovered she was pregnant

So she then began to despise Sarai for the trouble she now was with

Sarai then discussed this shown hatred with Abram

He then pronounced..Do with her as you wish

So Sarai then began mistreating Hagar

One day Hagar couldn’t face the day to day so she ran away

Ran away and planted herself near a desert but adjacent to a spring

Meaning.. Near hopeless and dry surroundings

There she sat.. Pouring her whole heart out

And guess who came.. An angel of the LORD

Hagar..where are you going & from where did you come?

I’m running away from Sarai she spoke

Then the angel of the LORD spoke on her situation

Spoke on her heart

Spoke on the things no one else knew that set her apart

Go back.. You will give birth to a child and your decendants will be too numerous to count

She then as I imagine was filled with tears and joy

Cause behold the LORD had knew the thing that would bring her joy

She wanted to belong

She wanted a place all her own

She wanted her own family and to one day be established

She wanted a home of joy and establish her own legacy

So right then and there she said

I have seen the ONE who sees me!

Right there she stated.. YOU are the one who sees me

She wasn’t speaking of just her physical being

She was speaking in regards to uncovering and seeing the inside issues of her heart

Right there she praised

Right there she felt tons of better

As she then traveled back because she knew SOMEONE was watching over her no matter

She went back so she could still be provided for

But at the end she received all her hope ever desired for

A legacy of family all her own

And she got to remain connected to a GOD who knew her even when no words was present and she was all alone

Moral… The LORD hears and saves

HE rescued before and HE can do it again

HE hears hearts and pleas that  words can’t say

And HE can establish hearts to fill joy instead of lack on any given day

Although her and her family wasn’t the promises GOD intended to bless Abram

HE still caused Hagar to be restored to HIM

HE bestowed HIS own promise for her to win

The Story of Hagar- Genesis


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