Has The Media Become Your gods?


Has The Media Become Your gods?

They say..snow storm and mass hysteria in crowds rush out to grab salt by the pounds

They say.. Storms will last for days

And every supermarket in America is packed to the rim on that very same day

They say..visit this city. It’s beautiful around this time

And everyone shuffles up money to travel to that town

They say..Iphones are the latest things

And people sleep outside to pay $700 a hit

They say..keep up with the Kardashian’s and pay attention to this


While your insides feel dry and you wonder why

is this?

They say..Meatfree day, Pride Day, This Day & That


They give you traditions to follow

And no one says a word to attack these man-made

They then tell you who to hate and who to love

They say.. Watch out we have a new strand virus

And folks trickle in to check E.R to see if they are dying

They say… Beware of this

Beware of that

And everyone then rushes around to check

Everyone then worries and ache

Everyone then receives heavy doses of less hope and declined faith

They say.. Feel happy & just do you

But what about that empty feeling inside you?

Then what do you do?

What will they say can cure that?

You know the feeling inside that nothing can fill

You brought a new car, grabbed the next woman or guy

But your insides still can’t fill up from no matter how you try

Believe it or not

It’s reserved for just


Now everyone fears

And the future now don’t look hopeful to bear

Soon many will engage in drugs

To escape from the internal issues & stuff

And you wonder why now Marijuana is being legalized

Souls are being used for profitability margins

and agendas

Prescriptions of medications are then pressed and pushed in your face

I must need it someone says..because I am born this way

These false practices have become your gods

Depression becomes then at an all time high

And folks walk around not realizing why

You have turned and made other things your god!!!

HE says… You have made these things your idols!!!

You have placed hope, faith on them to predict & dictate how you live and how you will die

If your internal bleeds

It’s because you broke covenent


You have ran after them
listen and trusted in them

Can’t enjoy the day
Without reading a horoscope to give you predictions on today
Yes, these are gods
And you won’t feel better until you cast those aside
How long will you sit and carry your wounds?
When HE has come to place rebirth and purpose in you.

There Is Only One GOD!!



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