This Personal!!!


Sometimes it’s needed to be reminded why you started!
Today on a social media site someone posted this pic of this woman here walking around in downtown Philadelphia. She mocked this poor tortured soul.
The very same photo caused extreme tears to flood from my eyes. I then altered her photo and covered over her nakedness and placed my photo next to hers.

Black Buttafly not just some small time thing, This Personal!!!
This magazine creation wasn’t some small time or popularity thing. The reason for its creation is to help all the lost souls. Reach all the hurt! Reach all the abused! Reach all the misused! Reach all who gave up! Reach all just hanging on! Reach the blind! Reach the forgotten! Reach the tortured in spirit! Not stopping either no matter how much money I give & invest..this personal!

This is my sister, although not related… This magazine not for fun..This Personal!
No victory til the souls I encounter are free!



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