Long Walk..


Long, Long Walk but He Fought!

With boxing gloves in hand

Determined even more to walk in his own land

In his face was fierceness , courage and extreme doses of motivation

Mighty conditions he just faced

Just a few miles back before this place

But Victory was there

And Yes, He made it finally to here

Many battles he was up against

But dependence on GOD made him not cave in and quit

Soon, if he continued to travel his set road

The past will be the past and that’s all he will ever know

Not in a means of forgetting

But definitely in a means of deliverance

All he was promised will soon be given

Just the thought of that caused him to

smile because he’s been waiting ….

A Very Long Time

Many can say many things but he fought for his position

This indeed wasn’t a 1,2,3 or an easy transition

Yes! Soon came Victory

Not to mention the escape of what

Could have been

Soon was everything, ever spoke on

Just a minute before he dropped his gloves off

He made a new song in his heart

To signify his Victory

“With scraped up knees

And fists raised high

I will stand …

As long as “I AM”!

And very soon

His eyes and feet will set sight & foot on his own land near Victory.

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