Childhood Memories ❤


Ahhh.. Jax!
Cute memories when I was young

You sit down and clear your space
Others come to watch but they can’t play
Because they arrived too late
As you collect your spiky objects in your hand
You then in your mind plan
How to pick up the ones that got all tangled up
You look at your opponent to see if she is paying attention
“Watch this, you then declare!”
Excitement now captures everyone near
While the one opponent is screaming
“You will never get that undone!”
At the top of her lungs
You then sit closer to the objects
Trying to get yourself a better view
You can do think, while smiling too
You just have to find a spiky end long enough for you to grab
You bounce your ball up
And wow!
That complicated jax , you just grabbed
Now all excited you dance all around

Well I beat.. Next game?
Or you wanna go play hide & go seek??

#Childhood Memories


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