Want to hear from GOD?


Have you ever wanted to know more from GOD?

We would all like complete knowledge but somethings we can only digest one obedient step after the next. Here is my personal story and lesson from a few years back.

One day I was in a waiting room awaiting paperwork at an professional courier business. The waiting area was mildly packed that day with other customers as well. As I sat back waiting for my number, I then learned a valuable lesson. It’s so profound to say today, that my lesson was taught during the wait.

So let me rewind a bit, while I was sitting and waiting, I also began observing. An eager representative just came out to assist a non English speaking man. As with everyone during waiting periods ,we begin to look around. We begin to focus our attentions on other’s nearby. We begin to become alert and listen to the only distraction or noise in the area. With many, after awhile if the situation or distraction isn’t entertaining enough we then look away. Or it could possibly be if the situation or distraction is not relatable to us, we then look away.

Well in any regards, I decided to place my interests on the representative in her attempt to speak with the gentleman. It turned out to be the very lesson I had needed for my day.

The Encounter:

The female representative began calling out a name several times into the semi- crowded waiting area. Then a gentleman got up out of his seat and walked towards the representative. When he approached her, she then was confronted with a communication barrier. As he continued to communicate in his native tongue, the representative stood listening quietly. Finally after just a minute of no speech, she responded with words in her native tongue.

She then said the words ,”Sign!” After she spoke that word, she also performed a hand demonstration to further signify her meaning. It was there at that moment, that revelation hit me!

The representative could only speak the simplest words that could be easily understood by the gentleman. Even if the gentleman didn’t completely understand that one word, further illustration was also provided.

As I sat back in my chair with ease, I then also understood how GOD at times have to relay messages to us.

Here is what we do know:

 “For MY thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways MY ways,” declares the LORD.- Isaiah 55:8

“As the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are MY ways higher than your ways and MY thoughts than your thoughts – Isaiah 55:9

We being earthly vessels in nature desires to communicate with Heavenly in Stature. In our desires to have Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in heaven, HE then SPEAKS!

Often with providing heavenly results on Earth, GOD has a barrier of communication that HE tackles when giving us HIS direct messages. Thereby, HE appoints same to speak to same by way of HIS messengers. Thereby, HE instructs and develops those who has learned from HIM a particular message or revelation that HE wants communicated – a translator so to speak. Thereby, HE also communicates by way of The HOLY WRIT (BIBLE). While reading and growing in knowledge, we discover the things HE needs us to get for our wellbeing.Thereby, HE Never Ends HIS Speaking and communication.

Wouldn’t HE also be like the representative that day though…speaking only on what was of utmost importance at that time? Wouldn’t HE also just speak on what could only be understood today? Wouldn’t HE simply translate a message which we could understand, to perform and do?

(Remember : John 16:12- I have much to say to you, more than you can now bear.)

At that particular period in my life, I had more questions then answers myself. The non English speaking gentleman had quickly became me except I was non Kingdom speaking.

I had things I wanted to understand. Future things I wanted to know. I wanted full disclosure on after the action- then what? But just as with the gentleman so it was the same with me. My commitment of act would be needed and also the presence of faith.

I wouldn’t be able to completely understand everything in totality. I would only be able to comprehend the basic instructions needed for my wellness. I could only be able to perform the one task required of me. As with the gentleman, he also had one task required of him..to sign.

For the man it was signing a form and for me it was an act of doing what HE last spoke on.

So that’s in essense the same beautiful methods and some ways that GOD shall speak to us. As we all grow to maturity we can be sure HIS Living WORD & The HOLY SPIRIT shall also provide us with HIS heavenly insight.

We may not know completely all the facts, hidden factors or places where our act of obedience leads but all in all we must simply trust and believe. Earthly beings desiring KINGDOM COME results!

Isn’t it also amazing, how the non English speaking gentleman trusted the representative who was head of that department? He delayed not a moment more as he began to sign on the paperwork at hand. Where his act of obedience and faith led him, I am not sure. That day what my act of obedience led me is beyond words today- HE bestows favor on HIS faithful servants.

Trust GOD & Commit to the instructions given for your life, even if you are the last one standing.

Those led by GOD are the sons & daughters of GOD. (Romans 8 :14)

Be well friends & continue to trust with faith the DIRECTOR of our roads!


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