Just 6 years ago


Just 6 years ago… I thought I knew exactly how I wanted my life to go. Just became a Federal Officer for the Government and was expecting promotion to U.S. Marshals or at second request Secret Service in a year. I had no plans of writing & no plans of a magazine. Suddenly life changed!

I quit my government job and walked further into a by faith mission. Received an enormous pay decrease but my heart enjoyed every moment as I worked at a local rehab center. Soon came emergency shelters, security officer and outreach for the homeless.

Then Outreach where I would have stayed forever said “This is just temporary”. I had no place to go. Would I go back to criminal justice for the nice lovely money or follow my passion and my heart with the people? Would I allow GOD to remake me?

I chose the people! It has certainly not been a cake walk for me. Walking completely as HE directs and sees is fearful at times. I pump courage, hope and motivation in me always. The one wonderful thing I can say as I still take one step at a time… I’m glad I allowed HIM to remake me. Now writing and creating… Wow! I would have never thought in a million years that this is my road. Still not there but I smile as I continue in faith and hope while I grow.


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