The Key


Behold here is The Key

Be very careful to not cast it aside

It’s your everlasting possession but at 1st it was Mines

I give to you now

To hold and cherish The Key

Make sure you never give it away

It possesses Life, Goodness and More

But if you give it away

Something forceful and destructive crouches at the door

It desires to take all that I give

It desires to steal away valuable things

It will not stop at just possessing The Key

It will only be content with destruction as finality

So guard The Key

Your treasure of Life

And if it seems that you dropped it

Well then pick it up and fight

Your fight is not like that how men wage war

It is one where The Words declare Done

One where Faith gets situations won

One where confidence and hope


It’s The Key

Many times mind battles ensue

It is then you must pick your side

Here is The Key

It’s been given already

to you

So don’t lose sight of that fact

Even when heavy battles try to convince you

Its not yours anymore

Look at the visual before you

It’s always been yours!

The Key


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