Little Cub


Little Cub your complete sight is not quite there

It may take just a couple more years

I need for you to follow my lead

And take what I will give for you and use that to see

When you grow old you then may become wiser than me

If you take all this experience and wisdom that I freely give

And try to learn from it as much as you can

Understand 1st.. It cost me a price to be the lion that I am

Much was given from ABOVE & other times I grew to learn from stubborness

And going against the grain or the natural flow of things

So understand now

It cost me somethings

But here it is…

I give it to you at no price for you to pay

In time it will help you on your own way

Although it doesn’t require of you to take my initial steps

It requires of you

To empty out your mind and keep perspective in check

It requires for you to grasp closely to answers & wisdom that initially was mine

But here it is

I offer it to you

Do what you like with this knowledge I give you

You can either digest or lay it to rest

But be assured that for every choice there is a consequence

Either good results or bad results

You cannot eat of them both

The moment you pick

You then pick your path on the road

You adjacent yourself on the highway you choose

But if you listen carefully to my instructions you won’t perish as a fool

You will sproat up and grow

You will learn new and bright things on this road

Walk with me cub

Take all that you hear to heart

Insight that only I who being your direct kin with similiar patterns

Can give for you on your  path to win

-Take to Heart Little Cub-


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