Beauty & Eternity


Yet they cannot fathom what GOD has done from beginning to end- Ecc 3-11

Everything beautiful in time.. Just that for a second just registers loudly to my mind. HE has made everything beautiful in time! Ugly pasts, ugly situations, ugly encounters, ugly records, ugly character, ugly dilemmas, ugly actions… In its proper time everything comes to display HIS beauty over time. Everything in HIM gets a pass of deliverance it seems. To get elegantly ushered in to one phase to the next and beauty(elegant lessons) gets escorted in as well as those reminders of the past.

Eternity has been set in the hearts of men. This word at 1st in Hebrew was much too difficult to comprehend (Olam) but then a mathematician and script searcher too..laid out keen details. A circle is one of infinite dimensions, you could never solve it. (Pi) And that infinite has been placed within us. The overflow ability to create and think up with no limits in sight.Yet the ability to fathom all that HE does and do..quickly slips us while going along to go through. From beginning to end HE sets beauty within the hearts of men and forever causes everything to be beautiful (well, graceful, lovely, great to behold) with time. And no man has completely understood HIS complete work since the beginning of ages or in this lifetime.

While charting off into the far distance it is difficult to perceive or even understand. In a sense all we know is that as we walk we are somehow being DIVINELY helped and taught. Too wonderful (incomprehensible)HE is to completely fathom so we learn what we at present understand & content ourselves with the valuable presense of living & enjoying our lives & performing our duties with HIS Infinite power to create and build with our time. And in that possibly lies the beauty. Acceptance and continual gratitude of LIFE given.


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