More Morehouse Men!


The Morehouse Men

It’s an epidemic!
Little boys need Men!
They need to presently see how life as manhood begins. They need to see strong without offending and treading on wrong. They need to see how to stand and be on their own.


They need to see the role and characteristics of man. They need to conform thoughts and initiate plans. They need to see another who also walks in the same light. They need to identify with someone similar on their unique plight. They need to see honorable, virtuous and strong. They need to identify with another who sings the same song. They need to see solid & true, so they can pattern after that too.


They need to hear thoughts unlike that of a woman sometimes. They need issues addressed from that which flows from inside. Thoughts that don’t get talked about while women are nearby. They need to see similiar, they need to know inside is a winner.
They strongly need to identify with one not in a skirt and who doesn’t wear makeup. A sense of longing exists because the internal battles to see similiar exists.. To see and learn from that of the same. To learn and understand what’s distinct and valuable in a Man’s Name.
They  need to the battle and rage can relax and calm the inner being. How to operate and produce manhood results? How to operate and not lose yourself? How to be strong and still yet be distinct and miles from each other and still be beautifully configured. They need to see manhood in another winner.

It’s an epidemic! It certainly has become a deep rooted issue.

More Morehouse Men Needs To be Made to Learn & Get Taught !



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