It was there


That used to be me! I was so self absorbed I never did see all the relevant things before me. My journey started many years ago but I’ll share about my biggest passion that the world will never know.

I just finished training at Gaudenzia. A corporation known in a few states for their main mission in life which is to help. That organization is still today great. I picked the overnight shift. This position would allow me to work with homeless women coming off the street. It was an emergency shelter that only assisted at night. I was being introduced to things by my fellow longstanding coworker. She had previously recovered from drug addiction and gained this job after her year completion. She showed me around the area assigned for all the women. One room had 12-14 beds for them to get a peaceful night of rest. When overcrowding conditions came all others would have to sleep on mats. I was excited to help and eager to learn more about this field and from the many women I would soon meet. We received our 1st call of action from the security officer downstairs.

“Come pick up, you have a woman downstairs!”

I couldn’t wait to go and escort her upstairs. We took the elevator up and she appeared tired and worn out from her day. I lovingly told her that we have sandwiches available if you didn’t get the chance to eat. We also provide you with a hot shower and we have a washer and a dryer if you wanted to wash your clothes. She seemed to brighten up a bit after hearing that information. She said she would like something to eat and a shower would be nice. Great! I said after my coworker gets your information you can begin your shower. She sat down and I casually watched my coworker intake the woman and at the same time show me how it was done.

She then began to ask the woman more about her situation. Then something happened. The woman started begging to stay. She was so loud she startled a few sleeping women.

As I just watched not really knowing what to say. The woman began running down her full history and continued begging for a place to stay. Her words were piercing. Her whole soul was involved with every word that came out her mouth. She was almost hysterical as I watched tears stream down her face. She had no care of all the women in there. No care or concern of laying everything out. No concern as she begged just for a place to lay her head. My coworker clearly more level headed then me at this emotional breakdown simply stated..Calm down. I will ask questions and you just answer those questions.

I looked then at the woman to see how well she was able to receive those instructions. All I could see in her eyes and face was utter fear of not being able to stay and it was then and at that moment….
I had to walk away as my eyes became heavy with tears.
It was then that I walked inside of the bathroom and cried tears of all this poor desperate woman had to go through. It was there that I decided that this was my mission. It was then I knew this field right here was my heart. It was then I would walk with all who feel heavy and despaired in heart. It was there.


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