The Unknown Hallway


Who walks down a hallway that you never been or seen before? Only a person who needs to get somewhere and that hallway is the only way.

Of course it will be scary. Of course there will be apprehensions. Of course it will feel uncomfortable, because everything on this path is new to you. It will be tempting to even turn back and go in the opposite direction. The opposite direction appears more known then unknown. The opposite direction was a bit of a comfort zone. You were surrounded by those you grew to know and could even dictate their actions before it came up. Indeed that path was comfortable for you. Walking into the long path of unknown will feel too new to you. It’s like something deep is telling you to keep moving forward. SomeONE who knows the road is saying… This is your path and road.

Trust must then accompany the walk. Faith must then make a home in your heart. The big question sometimes arises as to.. What will you do?

Walk and continue on an unknown path or stay behind with your great plans only stagnant in your mind?

A choice has to be made, you can’t sit and continue to debate. The longer you hesitate you might miss your step along the way. The longer you wait the more you delay.

No one near will walk it with you. Besides they don’t feel that burning passion inside like you do… So what will you decide and what will you do?

The road is unknown but for only great reasons it has been thoroughly assigned to you!

Keep Walking and Don’t Look Back! The walk down the unknown hallway takes trust and faith. I can testify on that!


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