How I Learned…


I learned to play poker by working inside of a state certified hospital. I had thoughts in mind as to what I would truly experience. I for surely had watched too many insane asylum movies on T.V. though.
While escorting a group and deciding that I would play a few card games with them, a man who was declared unstable to mentally & adequately  function in society taught me how to play poker. He explained to me the rules of the games and what each phrase in poker meant. He shuffled the cards like a shark and smiled as I got excited beforehand assuming I had won. Each hand we played he beat and further explained how to me. Later I decided to practice until I could become almost halfway great.

Moral of the story- You never know who you can learn from. You never know who has experiences in certain areas or skills in life. You never know who traveled on a road similiar. You never know who has deep insight.

Blessings for today- Stay Humble & Never Quench the thirst to learn , improve and grow more.

#Now look at me! I just got a straight :D


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