Does Anyone See Me?


Does Anyone See Me!

I just got assigned as an escort officer this one particular day. “Wow!!”, I stated to my regular crew from my regular assigned block. They finally picked me today,” I said. I was all smiles as I received my instructions to relieve the medical unit for break. The escort officers just roamed the facility and were assigned to harmful and threatening emergencies. I finally got my chance to be among the Goon Squad as we called them.

I arrived at my assigned area and listened to the officers as they gave me updates on the prisoner I was assigned to watch. Suicidal Female, On Meds, Partial Finger Foods For Now.

Okay I said as I then watched through plexiglass windows at the prisoner’s every movement. She seemed okay so for a moment I looked away to continue conversing with my fellow officers.

As we continued in conversation I then looked once more in her direction. Now the smile I had on my face from a joke an officer had previously made, quickly got erased.

“Where is her spork?”, I said loudly and outraged.

Oh Harris calm down, she okay..ha haa haa that’s what she gets anyway!

“Can you not see her! You don’t see what she is doing!??,” I angrily stated.

Now came the time for me to make a decision to offend my longtime fellow officer friend or just ignore what I saw and offend myself.

“It’s not okay! She needs something to eat with now!! Or I’m walking!

When I had turned to see her she was rummaging through yesterday’s trash to make a makeshift utensil from cardboard to eat with. Everything relayed to me … Instinct and survival. Sadness and oppression. They found amusement in her resorting to becoming animalistic.

That day I got taunted but I won! The officers had no choice to then conform to my way. I was branded though that day… Watch out for Harris the inmate lover. Watch out for Harris, she wants a gold badge (sergeant or lieutenant status)or something.

Defend what is always right even when you stand alone. They got it wrong, not an inmate lover but I Have A Heart For The People!

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