Sometimes I Laugh..


Sometimes I laugh during moments that the engagers feel are inappropriate. Yesterday I decided to explore this. A friend was complaining about her mother and how it was causing her stress. As I laughed and found the beauty in her story, she couldn’t quite understand my casualness. I then thought “Well, why did I just laugh?” As she began to continue her ranting and raving, my mind began solving and escaping.

Why did I laugh? I laughed because while she complained about the harrassment of her mother, my mind drafted I wish I had one still present on Earth to conform memories after. I laughed because Wow! The things we take for granted! Wow, the blessings we fail to recognize.

So I discovered I laugh because I was caught in her moment of beautiful memories. I replayed her story in my mind and I couldn’t find the distress. All I could find was loving memories that last.All I could find was being able and blessed to have a mother who could still cause a little distress.

Another friend one day called and spoke on how her father was inside of a dealership flirting away
I laughed and enjoyed each detail she angrily gave. While she forgot the value of his personality and his quirky ways, I saw the beauty. I saw a future story to share with family and friends. I saw a man who although too old for that clerk he still decided to try and live. While she saw embarrassment, I saw the amusement and innocence. While she saw him as a disturbance to her day. I saw beautiful memories to tell and share one day.

So I guess you could say that I been through so much and lost so many that was close to me that today I could never shrink back in distress, horror or shame because even in those crazy moments I see love, memories and the uniqueness of humanity.

I have my own little cute story to tell. One day while riding with my grandfather he decided to park up the wrong end of the parking lot of a bank. The sign clearly read: Do not enter but he didn’t notice that. Before I could speak he had already made his way through that entry. At that moment I looked around to make sure no accidents could be lurking around. A few tellers in drive thru came to the window and looked horrified and confused with the thoughts of “Now who dare!” I could have made myself embarrassed and distressed from that but again I laughed at the pure innocence. So I smiled their way and my grandfather parked his car as if he had the right of way. Sure I could have gotten stressed about this encounter but life is to be lived and the conduct of others you can not control or predict… I’m just glad I had the privilege to make this small story and memory apart of my blessed and peaceful road. We can’t control others but we can surely have a moment to smile while their stories unfold. The things we find so distressing could actually be a beautiful blessing & a lesson at least in this writer’s eyes… I enjoy memories and quirkiness even if it’s not mine!


Make memories
Enjoy your life
Dance during the rain
Find the beauty in it
Shake your head a bit
As you smile to display
The memory & joy of living this Earth with people
And often times their beautiful quirkiness


Make Memories!


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