A New Year!

Boat steering wheel.

Well it’s approaching a brand new year! I’m expecting many wonderful things in store for this year. I endured quite a bit during this year. Pressures, distresses and many inner battles. It’s been a turbulent ride but I rest in the fact that SOMEONE HIGHER is driving. All is well I serve a MIGHTY GOD! It has both shaped my views and provided me much insight for my future.

Currently I have been in time out so to speak ,which is a very great thing for me at this point in my life. It’s helping me stand and stay gripped on the many things that I need to focus on for myself and my family.

Well just a time in to wish everyone a happy and joyous new year! One filled with great hope and expectations. One where we all can reflect, learn and grow more as time approaches and develop us into exactly the made beings we were created to become and be!

Happy New Years! 2015!!!!!

Sent with hope, love and faith to all


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