Embracing Change


Who likes to change especially when it involves pain??
My answer to that one is : Certainly Not Me!
But besides our strong minds opposition to that direct question,  life is intended for change.
Just think the longer we delay the change the deeper the pain.
The pain is our warning signal to operate differently. Almost like when we experience sickness. We walk and tread along with our obligations and agendas until one day pain comes. Most of us who became stubborn to change just get a Tylenol or Motrin to relieve the discomfort. We rather gain a quick fix solution instead of unraveling the mystery inside. We consume our medicine and back to normal business we go.
Then we realize many days later that the problem hasn’t ceased. We have been bandaging it up instead of addressing it all of this time. Finally we have no choice but to change our routine and schedule a doctors visit. Beautiful encounter when the doctors report comes back as a healthy one. But what about if the doctors report doesn’t??
Should we shrink away and perish our hope??
Certainly Not!!
Along with this new report we are simply given better instructions to perform through life. We are then given directives for an immediate change.

So I say today… Let’s not delay our change for our well-being but let’s accept the 1st sign of discomfort as grand blessed opportunities to embrace Change!

To all who received the message.. I pray strength and courage over your lives as we all grow from change to change and faith to faith.


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