Strength, Courage and Wisdom


For years Live, Love and Learn was my lifeline logo. I carried those three words around like a banner. I practiced those three words on a continual basis. I needed much practice and to display those three words deep into my core being.

Live for me was the practice of the ability to not get depressed, hopeless or let situations bring me to a lesser state of mind. Live entailed for me to practice positivity at all times even during not so pleasant encounters that may occurred. I needed to learn and daily practice to live so it became part of my 3word trio for my life.

Learn to me meant the ability to go through any and every situation but instead of hindered mindset I would dedicate practice and time into learning. I had to practice and devote much time into learning from lessons. “Every unlearned lesson gets repeated”. I had to embrace and look at life through different lenses than I had before. Those different lenses would consist of me learning from everything. Not fall and have no idea why I fell… I had to learn.
Not have the same lessons, same issues year after year… No!  This time I had to learn. So that was how “learn” joined the trio.

Now onto love!  I had to practice love!  During the times I felt unloved by others and even during the times when situations, circumstances and mindsets caused me to think less of love. I had to learn to practice love. I had to practice love when others were not. I had to be patient! I had to be kind!  I had to rejoice with truth and seek no pleasure of my own. I had to embody and practice all of love’s distinct characteristics. Trust me at times this was the most hardest of the three to devotedly dedicate too. But I did it and this practice is certainly not over. Some hits from other people hit me so hard all I could do was just shed a tear. But ๐Ÿ™‚ it was practice and it was Alllllllll so needed. I wouldn’t trade in the experiences for this world. It was able to advance me in areas I never dreamed. Love was able to build in me a heart of compassion. It was able to have me see with a heart of understanding. It was and still today humbling. While walking in GOD a.k.a Love… Even after being hurt… The after effects on the people has been to GOD’S Glory. It caused people to have repentive hearts!!!  ๐Ÿ™‚ They couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t retaliate!  They couldn’t understand how I sat there in peace and didn’t try to assault them with my words or by my actions. It touched and melted their hearts to see me in full committed practice of Live, Love & Learn.


Today now… It’s Strength, Courage and Wisdom!  Too soon to give you details of this new trio… I just committed to it today!


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