Evening All

You know,  I made this banner to signify my current state of mind.

This banner represents me not desiring to fit into a title just to claim a title.

You know,  often casual conversation with others can occasionally leave you with their residue. For example… Let’s say I enjoyed hanging out with a friend of mine. Let’s also say this friend was quite used to complaining and murmuring constantly. Did you know that by habitually hanging around this person their ways slowly without notice start becoming your ways?

It starts off small almost unnoticed then one day… You remark on a subject that previously wasn’t worth commenting on. You start complaining!  You start murmuring! You start to see the world now from their eyes.

The script of “Bad company corrupts good morals” is true!

I allowed myself to hang around bad company. Company who constantly looked at life as one unfulfilled without titles. Company who sought after titles therefore they missed the definition of life. Company who wasn’t happy 1st within. Company who thought that happiness and joy lied in titles. Company who ignored pleasure in life being displayed daily. Company who couldn’t be joyed or happy with their right here & now.

You know,  this company wasn’t bad in the sense of unable to recover or doomed. This company was bad for me solely because that stage I long ago outgrew. So I end with this… If you have no binds and in your mind you have been already granted liberty from those previous things….

Take it from me & others… Don’t get yourself entangled again!

#Titles only mean the world to those who never had them. I’m not chasing titles… I’m chasing LIFE!


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