Mom knows Best!


My 20 year old daughter walked away as she said “I don’t want to hear this. Sometimes you just over think stuff.”
” Okay,” I said as she went up the steps and assumed she knew all she needed to know.

She became back involved emotionally with her first boyfriend. Through the years she grew to know he wasn’t right for her but through the pain and struggle of dealing with self caused her to want a different environment. It caused her to avoid necessary change that would be needed. It caused her to cast off a few of the valuable things given. It caused her to ignore WISDOM. It caused her to contemplate a previous plate. It caused her to think that time will always change things.
She figured time could have certainly changed him, but she left out a few important details.. Time only helps those who truly heart and mind desires to change. If that person doesn’t desire with both heart and mind.. What’s left is just people passing away with the time. So no! Time doesn’t change folks.. Heart and mind committed to an action of change gives time the potential in a life to excel or gain.


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