At the bus stop!

I crossed the street and headed to my bus stop. I knew my bus would be arriving in 15 minutes, so I reached in my pocketbook to pull out my cigarettes. (A habit I once broke but with the onset of problems I picked it up yet again)

But today something different happened today. A man walked up to me who also was previously waiting for the bus. He asked me “,Could I let him purchase a cigarette for a dollar. ”  I reached in my bag and just handed him one while also saying “,No need for the money, here you go” as I smiled. He then took the cigarette and began to figget in his pocket for his dollar. Then he tried to offer me his dollar yet again.

“That’s okay”, I repeated. “Just use it for something else then”,he stated. “No really you keep it”, I stated while smiling.  Finally our back and forth ended as he looked at me lastly before suggesting once more. Then he said.. You know what you just made my day. I was over there debating going in to work today. I had my music on and have my cup of coffee too but I just feel like I need to get  away.

We talked for a few more minutes as he communicated how he


wanted to go to Florida. How his birthday was next week. How next week on his birthday he is going to pick which to give up.. His drinking or smoking cigarettes. How he been feeling like if he goes to Florida GOD will disclose more for him. How his friends think he crazy for his often bright spirit. How he needs an epiphany. How this year alone has been a very rough one. How he just needs a few days in Florida to clear his head.
He also said…. Wow,  I hope you don’t mind hearing all this before he began and was just about to walk away. I said Believe it or not.. This happens all the time. My pleasure to listen and help with encouragement and advice if I can.

So just my today at the bus stop. Moral of the story… You never know what small deed or small conversation does to someone in their lives. When we walked up the bus before we would go to different seats on the bus.. He said “My day will be great now! I’m going to walk into that restaurant while cooking and be smiling. Thanks!


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