The Power of Christ!


The Power of Christ

The power of Christ breaks and tears down every chain. Deliverance is indeed a lifelong road. Many people believe after accepting Christ in their lives that the effort or work is finished. Passing over from death to life has been finished.. So says Him in John 19:30. So also with us.. We gave up our spirits and previous will to be clothed and covered under blood covenant.

After that would begin our whole life long process of deliverances. Tearing down the prior chains of our mind. The past us left us with heavy imprints on the soul. So HE instantly begins one step at a time breaking chains from our previous lands traveled.

Growing up as a child could have had you thinking in one way due to habit and then you find out.. That’s not the best way.. Deliverance! Your mind has then become free from strongholds built over time. The chains then become officially broken. The Truth has then allowed you to be free. You begin to see things in a different light now.. That’s Deliverance!

The areas of deliverance could be vastly different and unique to each person because only GOD knows what area due to meditation has seeped into the heart that now has become accepted as Truth.

I had a friend once who was convinced that their writing was horrible. We could look at this issue and think.. That’s not an important matter but it was a stronghold for this person. It worked in their opposition and caused low self esteem to reign. Filling out applications now became trivial. Writing letters and journaling became obstacles. The simple task of writing had begun to wreck distress and affliction in their lives.

“No more writing!”.. “No more filling out applications!”
“All the human resources folks are probably laughing and that’s why I didn’t get picked for the job!”
Pretty soon it would have destroyed their livelihood and well-being. Can I tell you the weirdest thing was the handwriting was beautiful! I couldn’t see what they saw but that didn’t matter because this person saw it.  “I witnessed many folks with not pleasant penmanship but your penmanship isn’t even close to that”, I stated one day.

A stronghold in this person’s  mind was created maybe many years ago as a youth. Maybe a parent or teacher spoke those words daily and eventually that was all this person saw and believed about themselves.

The good news though is that Truth sets souls free!
The good news though is there isn’t a chain around or created that  The Risen Christ cannot break!!


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