There was a trail…


There was a trail moving in one direction
Many trees and things was near it
But the road was the only clear path for them to walk
So they walked and talked
The walk involved interactions for what seemed like miles
Days and time had past
They had enjoyed one another while walking the path
But suddenly something strange was approaching
They squinted their eyes a little to look
And sure enough approaching very soon was a grove in the road

As they continued on walking they could see the change appearing
They both were given the same ample time to further adjust their minds
A change in the road was coming
Soon the change appeared before their face
And they couldn’t just sit there and hesitate
A change had to be made
So they both decided
They both were equally involved in the plan
That one would go one path and the other another
Maybe somewhere in the near future their paths would yet again lead them to each other
Or Maybe not!
I’m sure they both thought
But either or

They had their own seperate lives
Both caring for the ELEMENT and themselves more than the other
It indeed wasn’t selfishness to think in this manner
They were born alone and one day although connected to many would also have to die alone
They sat and talked one last time before their great departure
Both excited with glee
As the one and the other shared hopes and dreams of what they expected across the new paths in the road
Yes they both surely could have chosen to walk down the same path to still have the comfort of each other
But each path drawed each individual differently

Each path spoke directly to their inner hopes and dreams
Each path said… This is the way, follow ME
each path lied within it their possibility of more hope
Each path said this is your home
Each path seemed decorated so neatly for them each
Each path they would have to walk alone and seperately
They embraced
They put all their heavy sorrow and emotions to the side and prepared to walk
This would be their last sit on the picnic bench
After all it’s more better for that soul to have their place and all their promising hope
Both of them thought

So they sucked it in
And even if time never permits another encounter
Their friendship so solid they understood no matter what
They would always be friends!
The rest of the story really don’t matter.. There was a Trail!


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