Climbing Mountains!


Don’t ask me where I’m going
Sometimes it’s not clear, I’m just climbing
Don’t ask can you join me
Just grab your ropes and climb alongside of me
Don’t ask me how long
I’m not counting days, I’m just climbing to grow strong

I’m moving inch by inch
I’m climbing pitch by pitch
I’m taking breaks along the way
Resting near shades some days
I’m assured while climbing that this is “The Way”
It’s a mountain of Faith
I look down and can’t even tell how I got here sometimes
Been a long walk but yet still I  climb

I’m singing as I dig my foot and hand in the next upward groove
Slip sometimes and may even lose a shoe
Delay and hesitate sometimes but my feet and hands seems connected somehow
I feel the pressures of the extreme  weather sometimes
But when I look down.. I know I rather not be on the ground
So I stay focused for today
Climb a day,  Rest a day
Sunshine one day, Rain another day
Wait a day, Press on one day
Beauty despite the conditions every day
And my Hope for today
Lies in my

Mountain of Faith!


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