Many names but I’ll call YOU MAGNIFICENT!


It seems as if I can write for days
Especially when Peace bring radiant clouds my way
It seems my heart desires to speak
It feeds off the GOD I know HIM to be
Such beauty and splendor my Inner creates
Flows through me to paper and these words is what it makes
Such a blissful moment in time
Such a beautiful travel from heart to mind
Peace engulfs me
Serenity and Wisdom protects me
Clarity and Freedom captivates me
Love and Unity dedicates to me
Calm soothing breeze develops me
Goals and Missions motivates me
Strength and Courage beckons me
Hope and Faith gently takes me
Deliverance and Liberty lives with me
Tranquility and Truth rescued me
Today is a day where all that I have I praise YOU
Magnificent beauty unleashed all because of bearing Fruit and the wonderful connection of knowing YOU!


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