Our Greatest Assets


Our greatest assets in Life are our time and memories

Our lives can become so consuming and overwhelming that it could appear as if we are partaking in a Olympic marathon. We wake, say a prayer, rush out without breakfast, get to the office, prepare brief after brief until 5 p.m., drive home, watch TV and then pass out in a chair.
We schedule our vacations months away and don’t call Grandmom until it’s too late.

We tell ourselves that we just don’t have the time. When in actuality that is our most valued gift besides good health- Our Time!  Accomplishments are very great to receive it states our time was spent well. Over indulgence of obtaining accomplishments however means we strayed away from the true value of life.

The true value of life lies in time and making memories. Making memories and enjoying laughs & life stories told. Life is inner peace to enjoy the razzled days as well as the great.
Life is hearty laughs over dinner with friends. Life is enjoying and having a deep appreciation of our given time. Life is learning some valuable lesson to take with you. Life is being absolutely still sometimes. Life is reflect,learn and grow or better yet recover. Like is making new friends. Life is spending our time well. Life is helping others. Life is slowing down to appreciate the rain. Life is turning up the music and dancing wildly to the tune. Life is taking minutes everyday to value yourself in some independent act. Life is reading a good book and drawing the necessary bits of wisdom for your life. Life is slow but steady progressive steps. Life is being silly sometimes and spontaneous. Life is enjoying the breeze that passes through called Your Time.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and our time given is to be greatly valued.

Our most valued assets are Time and Memories.


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