In Position or Not? That is the Question!


When we practice out of our position
Confusion, disorder and other things come to the surface
And we wonder why an engine could never be a transmission
All along we forgot to remain solid on our position
Who ever heard of a lion trying to be a tiger?
Who ever heard of a cigar trying to be a lighter?
How then can a pencil perform as a pad?
How then can plastic perform as glass?
How then can a doorbell decide one day to be a handle when it wasn’t designed that way?
It could never!
These things could never be.
Your mission is tied unto your destiny.
You can’t perform at your best by performing another role
You were created for such a time as this
Don’t lose your path because when you do you will surely miss
Perform and operate just as you are besides who ever heard of the moon trying to be a star?
It hasn’t been designed for you
You won’t function at your best performance speed and success
The design and production of you has been ordered as blessed
Continue to do what you do!
Operation inside of the will and always,always stay true to You!

Stay planted only in positions your heart is in


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