Life is deep ..


Life is deep too deep at times
Good thing we never stop growing
Good thing knowledge be ready at all times at our disposal
Good thing when you ready, you can learn a great lesson
Good thing this knowledge and wisdom sticks with you even in the roughest patch

Good thing… COMPLETE OTHER always tarry with you
Good thing after rain comes sunshine
Good thing we still have the option to change our minds
Good thing life opens up great powerful things in time
Good thing everyone and everything starts from the beginning
Good thing after losing there is a thing called winning

Good thing caring folks and sincere hearts are still in the world
Good thing the process of a clam insides transform into pearls
Good thing for life although situations cause us to be sad
Good thing for sorrow and heavy regrets
For without these tools how could we ever regain our hearts back

Good thing for morning it says.. A new day
Good thing I’m invited that day
Good thing when we see heavy, heavy despaired folks
It creates compassion and drive to fight against such
Good thing when money leaves our palms
For after all how would we develop without the inconsistency of things

We need those lessons
We need for people to leave
We need to start from scratch
How would we ever draw nearer if these things was always around drowning out BEST?

We need the pain
We need the rain
We need the feelings of being lost
We need the directions
Because without these things everything and everyone will soon be our whole distraction
We need to feel like we losing
We need to feel hopeless
We need the stormy nights
When we experience these things in consistency we then only look up for STABLE & TRUE

We are a hard headed stiff neck bunch
Who truly can’t even breathe without relying on YOU
Too much other stuff will quickly be our path of self destruction
Majoring in our own thoughts can travel us far from the plan
So I willingly forfeit all that I am and all that I ever should be
Into the CREATOR of my mind, style and fashioned personality
YOU knew exactly who YOU created
And all this time I been busy letting attitudes,distractions and people take me off square
YOU got the keys now and the road ahead is now officially clear
Do what YOU do best!!!

Make seeds into blossom
Make moon & stars come out
Control the axis of the earth.. One tilt from that and scientists even know everything comes to an end

Make galaxies too immeasurable and deep where astrologist still can’t fathom the mystery of YOU
Make plant life where even geologists have yet to fathom all plant life and effects
Even today YOU won’t even allow man to travel deep, deep under water to see the many wonders there could be
Even in the submarine it loses it’s momentum and altitude because it can only travel so far into deep

One sun controls the whole universe and can be seen by all from California to Virginia
One moon can be seen by all from Philadelphia to France
How dare the ungodly try to attribute it to chance?
One sperm pierces conception into an egg
And months later growth inside a woman’s stomach gives way
The damage to a child’s tooth pushes itself back into the root
It doesn’t get destroyed it just gets pushed back into gums to prevent further damage or abuse

Animal life lives exactly as YOU planned it lacks all that we have so it’s connection always stays strong
They always do YOUR major design and functions YOU planned
And even in plant life YOUR most simplified creations
YOU always, always draw us reference to there
So that we could look, learn the lesson and grow
But we get so busy with life and distractions we fail to look on the simple non speaking things
YOU teach seedtime – harvest by observing them
YOU made it a universal law that all who believe and even those who don’t would still have to follow the rules
We plant seeds of good, worthwhile or disobedience and disorder and just like the farmer who plant an apple seed
Yes the consequences of our choices takes a long time to see full retribution
But just as the Appleseed farmer he knows his harvest will come up soon
YOU made streams and rivers of water yet none of these things overlap unto the other to cause a worldwide disaster
YOU planted in men and women ideas to further explore and expand and rule on our stay temporary away
I can even imagine the first automobile from horse and buggy creation was thought of as weird by some if not all
But YOU empowered that brave soul where YOUR thoughts and logic was all that they saw
I imagine the day from automobile to planes
I know some folks thought… “now that fellow right there is insane! ”
I can truly go on for days but I rather let the readers find YOU in their own way
Just thinking wow!!  Life is deep


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