Just Speaking

I feel like writing today I don’t know why, maybe from the deep impressions from the SKY.

I feel like expressing somehow, maybe because in it is a lesson that converts to a blessing

My life is taking a turn. Exactly where it will go, my mind for that knowledge it yearns

Just this year it was a different hit after the next

But I never lost my praise and in HIM my confidence

Stuff came that was very disturbing

I exhaled and breathed in life and promises so I could no longer experience hurting

Many things tried to ruffle my feathers

I improved far from the me I used to be

I learned valuable lessons from each encounter

And ultimately rejoice in the fact that life and progression is what truly matters

I learned valuable lessons that I can’t afford to repeat

Had to learn it somehow just like my A. B. C’s

Yes through all of that…Image still I grew

In distressing and blessing

I grew and am pleasantly displaying HIS fruit

Just wanted to write for a few solely because I thought you should know to!





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