Truth or Dare in Harlem


Last Night was fun, my daughter & I traveled to New York. To make it even interesting than the 3 trips before, I decided we would play truth or dare with random strangers!!!!

I had a good feeling most would say : Truth instead of Dare, so I choose my truth with thought and care. I love hearing a heart and a story. So my truth question I would ask would be: “What was your dream? What did you inspire to be? And most importantly did you or do you continue the pursuit??

Just as I imagined all the lucky participants said: Truth! And I was eager to hear their hearts on the matter.

I spoke in total to three..but had the wonderful opportunity of seeing 2 other souls live theirs out in my full view.

And yet with all that fun that we experienced yesterday…today the thought of those two out of three folks I spoke with that never reached their goals is sticking to me. 😦

What’s the lesson in that???

To never stop dreaming, never stop soaring…even when you reached or accomplish a dream…the story doesn’t end there…you continue to dream again for something else. The moment the dreaming stops,the moment the imagination cease.. the fight is then lost and despaired souls lay hearts down but walk and talk among the free. So although those souls didn’t reach their dreams….I pray today that they never abandon their hearts and become among the living dead!


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