Traffic Jams of Life


Heyyy 🙂
Have you ever been in the middle of a traffic jam??
It came so unexpected right?!…
The road was going pretty smoothly then….Bang!! Splat .. You came in full contact with a traffic jam!!

Only to discover to get to point “B” your patience would be needed the rest of the way. No matter your rants and raving and were in traffic and yep…nothing you could possibly do to make it go any faster.

Switching lanes proved futile…even your beeping proved to be useless. You then give one last tired exhale to realize….For this I must have patience and wait!

As you try to relax and look at your clock…you then think…Wait!!! For what???!!
“Why such a big traffic jam?? We all are going one way …Straight!! ”

You reason in your mind…only to later come back to the still obvious fact….You Are Still In The Middle Of A Traffic Jam!!!

As your anxiety comes to a calm and your patience take over your mind…. You Realize..
Just maybe I’m exactly where I need to be. Just maybe this wait is built in for this road that I am in. Just maybe it’s a lesson within. Just maybe I needed a moment to just breathe to appreciate the small but valuable things. Just maybe it’s used to further develop me. Just maybe….

It’s actually during these traffic jams of life….I can realize some things are just out of my control and my attitude towards it is what I can control. Just maybe …

Just maybe.. I can now look up with complete certainty…that this road and this traffic can actually help me . Just maybe….

I can now sit and be still and embrace Inner Peace …Just maybe..


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