The Dream Bird That Sings


Dreams so tall and big
Maybe attached with a price tag that states too hard for you
That’s the deploy to reach only the undetermined
We set out to be the ones who know full well
That pricetag is big cause it haven’t met me yet
Along the path you will meet a few discouragers
I smile back at that clan
Cause only if they had understood that mind was that man
N double A.C.P has a slogan that states
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
How true is that
If I align my mind right all things I touch is mine
GOD gave all mankind such unique abilities
So why would 1 sit and say “I wish it were me”
See that’s nonsense you see
We were all given the ability to fly and be
You know often times the things that saddens me most
Is where remains of man stagger around without hope
Once a vibrant song bird headed that way
But then they fell on the ground and no one came to aide
That’s why all living birds I pronounce as my friends
Even the ones who fell down “Again”
If only another feather could gently help another
Wouldn’t we all fly high to sights unimaginable??
But somewhere we got confused
and figured this plight was to bear all alone
I have eyes for the birds that sing songs


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