Some title we give for the strays of life..some may say.
I say the ones who despaired inside
Broken women caring torches within
But that light shine low now, despair is their friend
Hopeless is kin,battles remain they can”t win
Or at least in the mind.
For the world looks down
And passes with noses raised up and frowns
But how many are willing to truly hear a fascinating story
So deep and passionately?
I sat and talked with a few thru my paths
We made jokes and comments to make us all laugh
We have alot in common…I just never got kicked out with nowhere to go
My life became so much better after encountering this you know
My heart will forever be changed as I watched them sleep on mats
As I watched them beg for food…I wanted to cry
So instead of that route, I held it all in and actively pursued
To encourage them more along the way
and would scream”Ok brain, what”s the plans for today?”.
Always got a quick laugh, me & my silly self
I thought more and wondered “Man, how could I really help?”
Low on cash for all to receive
I”ll motivate the fighter within, Yeah that’s me!!
One day I sat down next to one while she was arguing with another
She looked up with surprise in her eyes
For years maybe others never got close and with me she wondered why??
I ignored that and gave suggestions for her to squash whatever beef
She kept staring at me with amazement and wonder
How a woman like me can get the love of another???
As the morning drew near and it was soon time for them to go
She hugged me so tight just to let me know
Thank You for Everything
I looked at her.. “what you talking about , I did nothing with smiles I said.
But she ignored me and continued to walk away
Tears welled in my eyes cause she was speaking about me sitting next to her unafraid
This has truly been a beautiful experience and this was just one of the days!!
#Todays mission is to allow our hearts to beat loud for others…ready, set,…Go!


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